Cropwell Butler Methodist Chapel


Carols by candlelight, lustily sung, to anticipate the birth of a baby on Christmas Day. What could be better? Well, just for the icing on the cake, the children depicting the Nativity really excelled in showing us the news of Jesus's birth. From Mary's 'I'm tired, Joseph' said with such feeling, and the shepherd's 'Oh my goodness, it's Angels, WAKE UP' (I defy anyone to sleep through that!), and the Wise Men's sweeping gestures when presenting their gifts, we were given a very clear enactment of the Nativity happenings. So thank you to all the children, to Kate and Helen, the readers and our organist and to Margaret who gave the address for helping to make such a wonderful service. Thanks to everyone's contributions we were able to divide 273.50 between Action for Children and the Children's Society and to send a bootful of food to the food bank.


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